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Beer Festival 28th June to 30th June 2019

Beer Festival 28th June to 30th June 2019

Kelling Heath Holiday Park is hosting a weekend of ale, fun activities and entertainment with its annual Beer Festival. From mid-afternoon on Friday, all the way through to Sunday evening, you can enjoy a variety of events.

Notes on Beers, Ciders and Gins available are below - for entertainment and Acorn Activities follow this link and select Folly entertainment or Acorn Activities

Beer and cider tasting notes 

Woodfordes Brewery - Howzat!
3.3% amber beer for the cricket World Cup A pleasing aroma of pine resin underpinned by delicate citrus notes. The palate is initially balanced by sweetness from the malt, but the citrus and pine character from punchy American hops win out and leave a satisfyingly bitter finish.

Humpty Dumpty Brewery - Citrus Sunshine
Citrus Sunshine 4.1% A dark golden ale brewed with heaps of various citrussy American hops - sunshine in a glass! Humpty Dumpty Brewery - Lemon & Ginger Lemon and Ginger 4.1% A crisp pale amber ale, finished with a refreshing ginger and lemon tang.

Panther Brewery - Beast of the East
Beast of the East 5.5% This strong bitter is an amber IPA which uses high level of New Zealand hops to give it a strong fruity punch. Tropical and citrus notes on the nose.

Green Jack Brewery - Mandarina
Mandarina 4.2% A bright golden ale brewed with fresh and dry orange peel. Brewed using the fruity and citrussy hop Mandarina Bavaria to give a distinct tangerine flavour, a floral aroma and a smooth subtle bitterness with a soft sweet finish.

Adnams Brewery - Freewheel
Freewheel 3.6% A straw coloured English summer ale with aromas of citrus and peaches, beautifully balanced by a touch of gooseberry on the finish. Brewed using pale ale malt and golden naked oats and a wonderful combination of English hops - Ernest, Jester and Endeavour.

Boudicca Brewery - Queen of Hops
Queen of Hops 3.7% A soft fruity aroma, rounded and grassy with hints of marmalade, followed by a tangy burst of hops on the palate, with some underpinning of malt and bitterness. There are more hop flavours in the finish, but zestier, more citrus, with a pleasing bitterness. A refreshing pale ale with a satisfying, lasting finish.

Moongazer Brewery - Pintail Norfolk Pale
Pintail Norfolk Pale 3.9% Pacific pale - light, golden and hoppy with aromatic citrus notes. Gluten Free. With added mango.

Wolf Brewery - Granny Wouldn't Like It!!!
Granny Wouldn't Like It!!! 5.5% Dark red, rich and fruity. This mighty beer has many awards to its name. The swirling mix of flavours produces a complex but satisfying experience.

Lacons Brewery - Legacy
Legacy 4.4% A flavoursome blonde beer offering deep flavours. The first thing that hits you is the predominant lemon and grapefruit aroma before a burst of lemon and lime floods the senses. A mellow finish leaves you wanting more. 

Wild Craft Brewery - Wild Bill Hiccup
Wild Bill Hiccup 4.5% Signature brew. Made with the best quality Norfolk grown Maris Otter and a special, double roasted crystal barley, this beer has body and character fit for any wild west saloon. The Goldings and Challenger hops add an earthy but spicy twist that intrigues the senses and leaves your palette wanting more…

Barsham Brewery - Bitter Old Bustard
Bitter Old Bustard 4.3% A russet coloured ale with a smooth malt body and warm nutty biscuit flavours, Bitter Old Bustard is given a delicious, hoppy balance with three of England’s finest varieties. Named after one of England’s finest birds, the Great Bustard was once a regular sight above the agricultural fields of East Anglia.

Lacons Brewery - Encore
Encore 3.8% Award winning amber ale. Encore packs a smooth citrus punch whilst balancing a dry pine and zesty flavour throughout. The finish is robust with a long bitterness. Beeston Brewery - Afternoon Delight Afternoon Delight 3.7% An easy drinking blonde ale, suitable for a lunchtime refreshment or as an evening session beer.

Grain Brewery - S.M.A.S.H Planet and Lemondrop
S.M.A.S.H. Planet + Lemondrop - 4% Golden beer brewed with local Single Malt Planet and Single Hop Lemon Drop from the US to give flavours and aroma of lemon and mint tea.

Whin Hill Cider - Driftwood
Driftwood 5.8% Medium /Dry A blend of cider and dessert apples to give a well balanced refreshing cider Whin Hill Cider - Quay Quay 5.5% Medium/Sweet A blend of desert and cider apples to give a smooth light refreshing cider

Burnards Cider - Oaky Dokey
Oaky Dokey 5.5% /6% Medium French /American oak matured cider with a distinctive and complex smoked woody aspect, slight vanilla background detected. Well rounded

Montys Double 6.0% Med Classic East Anglian Cider Style. Clear. Clean and Crisp. Cox's Orange Pippin blast... with a lingering bite from Bramley. Slight Rose Blush

Gin tasting notes - all gins served  as suggested

St. Giles
As a professional diver, St. Giles’ founder, Simon Melton, has been fortunate to venture to lots of unusual places around the world, giving him ample opportunities to explore a wide variety of delicious gins. On his exciting journeys, he invested years of research and visited many distilleries, all in passionate pursuit of his beloved spirit.

St. Giles (42%)
Juniper, coriander seeds, orris root, angelica root, lemongrass, black peppercorn, pink peppercorn, grains of paradise, rose petals which are infused in our bespoke copper still by Head Distiller Pete Margree to create this modern and sophisticated signature gin. Citrus notes of grapefruit and lime, punctuated by hints of peppery spice. Well rounded and smooth in the mouth, with the soft fruitiness of ripe berries, spice and underlying mellow earthiness. Lingering and refreshing citrus with delicate floral notes. Served……Indian tonic, over plenty of ice, garnished with orange peel. 

Raspberry, Rhubarb and Ginger (40%)
Created using over 20kg of fresh, local fruit and utilising a unique production process, combining distillation of rhubarb and an infusion of raspberries, gives this beautifully refreshing gin an intense depth of fruity flavour. Refreshing and smooth raspberry sweetness to the fore. Underlying well rounded rhubarb fruitiness gives depth and longevity to the tongue. Lasting fruitiness with a subtle hint of ginger. Served….Fever Tree ginger ale, ice and garnished with raspberries.

Divers Edition (57%)
As well as boasting a higher ABV than our original spirit, St. Giles Divers’ Edition is created using a distinctive blend of 10 carefully selected botanicals, including Norfolk samphire, cubeb berries, sea kelp and liquorice root. With a smell like fresh hay like sweetness with subtle apple blossom notes. And a Velvety smooth palette with underlying crisp apple and caramel. Served…….Indian Tonic only! Serve over plenty of ice and garnish with orange peel. 

History - Beer has been brewed on the same site in Southwold for at least 670 years. Our long history gives us firm foundations and we look forward to an exciting and sustainable future. The Copper House distillery opened in 2010, making Adnams the first brewery legally allowed to install a distillery in the UK 

Coper House Dry Gine (40%)
Made using the London dry gin method, where the botanicals are added directly to the spirit in the copper pot still. The resultant spirt is then brought to bottling strength to achieve the fullest flavour. Adnams gin is made with juniper berries, orris root, Coriander seed, cardamom Pod, and Sweet Orange Peel and Hibiscus flower. Served…. Indian Tonic. Serve over plenty of ice and garnish with orange zest.

Raspberry Pink Gin (40%)
Made using the London dry gin method, where the botanicals are added directly to the spirit in the copper pot still. The resultant spirt is then brought to bottling strength to achieve the fullest flavour. Adnams gin is made with juniper berries, orris root, Coriander seed, cardamom Pod, and Sweet Orange Peel and Hibi

Orange and Sea Buckthorn (40%)
Made from grain to glass in our small batch distillery here in Southwold, the brewing team first brew an unhopped beer, which Adnams head distiller John McCarthy distils into our East Coast Vodka. Using the vodka as a base, John re-distils it with juniper berries, coriander, orris root, cardamom, sweet orange peel and sea buckthorn to create this gloriously fruity, zesty and delicious gin. Served….Indian tonic. Serve over plenty of ice and garnish with orange zest 

History – Bullards is a name that is synonymous with the brewing heritage of Norwich which began at The Anchor Brewery in 1837. Revived in 2015 the first step was to create a range of beers aimed at the modern palate, which we did to great acclaim, and it then seemed logical to use the Bullards brand to launch our range of award-winning handcrafted gin products. The first distillery in Norfolk in 150 years – and already winning Best London Dry Gin at the World Gin Awards 

London Dry Gin(42.5%)
A dry juniper core with a gently spiced sweetness. Hints of cinnamon and Cardamom linger throughout while the light, sweet spice of Tonka bean softens the gin. Flavours of subtly dry marmalade and vanilla leave a lasting finish. As deliciously smooth neat as it is mixed in a classic G&T. Has ten Botanicals. Served…..Can be served with any tonic. Serve over plenty of ice and garnish with orange peel. NO LIME!

Old Tom (42.5%)
Rich honey from Loddon and mango flavours lead into notes of pink pepper, black pepper and cassia adding a warming spice. Plenty of fresh grapefruit peel lends the gin a subtle dryness while the honey and vanilla gives a sweet finish. Once mixed lemon, grapefruit and honey shine through. Includes 13 botanicals. To make it an old tom demerara sugar is added. Served…. Slim line Tonic. Served over plenty of ice and garnished with lemon zest, grapefruit and/or honeycomb.

Strawberry and Black Pepper (40%)
This pink gin just sings of summertime! The sweet aroma of fresh strawberries emanates from the glass, contrasting with the initial warming black pepper and juniper spice when sipped. The flavour evolves into delicate sweet notes of light strawberry and lemon on the finish. Mixed with tonic, all the fresh strawberry notes are released. "Top Tip" - our Strawberry and Black Pepper makes an amazing topper in a cheeky glass of Prosecco! Served…..Elderflower Tonic. Serve over plenty of ice and garnish with strawberries, basil, mint or cucumber. 

All are subject to availability
Kelling Heath reserve the right to amend the offering as may be dictaed by circumstances.


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