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October, November & December

Finally after weeks and weeks of bright night skies the months of October, November and December bring back the dark nights of winter. This is a great time to get out early and start to learn your way around the stars.

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July to September

The months of July to September bring with them warm bright nights. These seem rather ideal for spending time out under the stars but unfortunately they mean late nights for astronomers who want to get the darkest skies.

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April to June

With summer fast approaching, many people think that it is time to pack up the telescope and store it away until the dark nights of winter return. Certainly the brighter nights of the summer months make hunting down faint and fuzzy galaxies a little trickier but with the slowly brightening skies, the coming months are a great opportunity to try and pick out some of the planets of our Solar System and one or two brighter celestial wonders.

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January to March

The months from January to March offer excellent opportunities for stargazing. Long dark crispy nights which, although cold, offer fantastic views of the Universe. From my home in South Norfolk I get dark skies so can enjoy views of the Milky Way stretching from horizon to horizon.

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About Mark Thompson

Mark is one of the presenters on the RTS nominated show Stargazing LIVE which is now in its fourth year, and has inspired in excess of 4 million viewers to get out and enjoy the night sky. He is also a specialist presenter on the Alan Titchmarsh show and a regular on Radio Five Live, Five News, BBC News as well as Ch4 documentaries.

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