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Another bird highlight for Kelling during March was a Rustic bunting

This has apparently been the driest for 40 years and it certainly has been a month of contrasts with some freezing nights and some warm, sunny days up to 18 centigrade. March is always a transition month and this seems particularly the case this year. March is a time of some wildlife departing and some arriving.

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February 2011

Well, so far the weather since Christmas has been largely mild and dry, quite a respite for wildlife after the severe conditions in December.

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October 2010

It is sometimes easy to think that by autumn much of the wildlife interest is gone, but this is actually far from being the case. October half term produced some good weather at Kelling and we were lucky to see many varied and interesting species of fungi on the fungi walk.

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August & September 2010

What a difference a month makes after the hot dry days of early July, August has been generally cool, cloudy and a lot wetter! However this has not affected the wildlife and visitors to Kelling continued to have really good wildlife encounters.

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Visitors have reported excellent views of nightjars on the nightjar walks

The hot and sunny weather at the end of June and beginning of July has been a challenging time for our wildlife but has been a pleasure for wildlife watchers at Kelling.Thus far all the bat walks have encountered lots of bats with the still, warm evenings combined with plenty of flying insects creating ideal conditions for bat watching. In contrast to last year most bats have been seen in the vicinity of the Conservation pond.

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May/June 2010

The dry, warm weather for much of May brought forward a lot of wildlife but still the general consensus seems to be that most flowering plants are flowering about two weeks later than in recent years.

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What our guests are saying:

I enjoy the countryside, it's lovely to wake up with the birds singing and seeing the squirrels running around.

Mr A. J. Birchmore, Nottingham