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The Countryside Team

Kelling Heath has a designated Countryside Team that is responsible for preserving and protecting the 300 acre estate

They also help develop and deliver the environmental activity programmes enjoyed by visitors to the estate.

David Martin oversees the practical management of the 300 acre estate at Kelling Heath.
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Estate Management

The need to preserve and protect the natural environment at Kelling Heath Holiday Park dictates the requirement to have an active estate management plan. The majority of estate work conducted over recent years has been determined by ten year management plans.

The first ten year plan expired in 2008, and whilst some annual estate management tasks remained the same, many prescriptions achieved their desired outcomes and therefore new objectives were needed for the next 10 year plan period ending in 2018.

We are now in the period 2018 to 2028 and a new, up-to-date estate management plan was created, which acted as a snapshot of the environmental situation at the Park as it stood during 2018. This latest plan will continue to provide detailed guidance into the estate management required on the park in order to ensure the environmental best practice that has existed in the twenty years to 2018 is continued and enhanced wherever possible.

This estate management plan provides a current environmental snapshot of the park in the form of descriptions about the Park's location, current statutory designations, tenure issues, and the major environmental factors like climate and geology.

This core information about the environment of the Park then allows for a number of prescriptions to be created to ensure correct environmental practice across the estate.

The Park has been split into sections and sub-sections, with management prescriptions applied to each section, in order to create an easy to understand, usable document.

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