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The Kelling Heath experience is built around enjoying the unique natural environment, it is vital for us to conserve it as much as possible for the future.

We have a full time countryside team who have been working on the estate since 1996, and to further focus our efforts we were the first holiday park in the region to appoint a full time Environmental Officer in 2008. Our commitment to the environment and sustainable running of the park is outlined in our Environmental Policy.

Kelling Heath is committed to achieving environmental best practise in all areas of the business

Reduce Energy and Water Consumption by:

  • Promoting the efficient use of resources and materials including water, electricity, gas, raw materials and other resources
  • Metering consumption of water and energy where practicably possible to review and reduce consumption
  • Install sustainable and resource reducing technology where practical

Work with our suppliers and contractors to:

  • Purchase and retail locally produced, fair-trade and environmentally sensitive products
  • Reduce transport miles by using local contractors
  • Encourage paperless billing and ordering systems

Engage, educate and interact with our customers by:

  • Creating easy to use websites with regularly updated information
  • Innovative activities to participate in
  • Increasing social media and technological methods of interacting

And to also:

  • Promote the efficient use of company transport and reduce vehicle emissions
  • Reduce the volume of waste we produce and follow the waste hierarchy
  • Continue to engage and support staff in monitoring and encouraging environmental progress

What we have been doing to achieve our commitments

Following extensive research and careful consideration the Health and Fitness club will be having a new heating system installed during early 2014. This will utilise biomass heating from responsibly sourced wood chip and provide all of the hot water for the swimming pool, showers and under floor heating. In addition the indoor pool had a cover fitted in 2011 reducing the evaporation overnight and an energy efficient air handling unit which re-uses the heat from the air in the pool hall to heat the water and maintain a comfortable atmosphere. The heat recovery from the air conditioning units in the gym and arcade areas is also re-used over heat plates to preheat the water, further lowering the carbon footprint of the swimming pool. 

Lighting on the Park is limited to the Village Square to reduce light pollution and preserve the night skies; this is why we ask you to bring a torch! Where lighting is needed we have installed low energy bulbs and during development work we also installed a large number of LED lights.
We have invested in solar technology which currently provides the majority of the hot water requirements for our touring guests. The solar panels can be seen on all three of the amenity buildings on park and the energy production is monitored closely to assess where on else on park this can be used.

In addition to the energy being from a renewable source we try to avoid wasting energy and have fitted reduced flow rate fittings to all showers and taps across the park, this has reduced the flush in all toilets to 6 litres. Reducing the flow of water saves large volumes of water on park whilst maintaining the performance of the device. Showers and tap fittings water use, is reduced by aerating the flow. The reduction of flush in a toilet is done by adding a container into the cistern to limit the fill of water from the mains to flush a maximum of 6 litres, the industry standard for an economical flush.

Kelling Heath has also invested in a Bio-diesel Processor in June 2010; this transforms the waste vegetable oil from the restaurants into Bio-Diesel which is then used in the agricultural vehicles and a single maintenance van on park. Bio-diesel is a lower carbon emitting fuel than regular diesel and is estimated to reduce carbon emissions by 8,000KG per annum. Another key element to Kelling Heath's success is in the involvement of staff and the local community.

A member of staff from each department meets as a ‘green team' once a quarter to discuss new ideas and how these can be implemented. One idea from a green champion was to install a rainwater harvesting tank in the maintenance yard and place a pump in it with hosing to the sales office and central plating area. This mini system is estimated to save approximately 5,000 litres of water per year. Using local suppliers is important to us, Norfolk has some fantastic produce on offer with award winning breweries and excellent bakeries and farms on our doorstep.

The Village Store has developed a popular Naturally section showcasing these products from jams to jewellery as well as some fantastic locally made crafts! We also use local contractors and events providers on park.

Kelling Heath's achievements

In being committed to the environment and creating a sustainable holiday destination Kelling Heath joined the Green Tourism Business Scheme. This is the national sustainable tourism certification scheme for the UK. It aims to ensure that the UK remains at the forefront of sustainable tourism by rewarding organisations across the country that make a conscious contribution. We are very pleased to have been awarded Gold in this scheme in July 2010 for our commitment and retained Gold in the re-assessment in 2012 and were shortlisted as Highly Commended in the Goldstar awards. We have also retained Gold in the David Bellamy Award Scheme year on year and won awards for Special Distinction in 2008 for our Blue Touring Amenity Building, a second for the innovative Bio-Diesel Processor in 2010 and a third in 2013 for our work in the Red Squirrel Breeding Programme. Kelling Heath Holiday Park also won the ‘Sustainable Tourism Award' in the Norfolk Tourism Awards 2011, and Bronze in the National Visit England Awards in 2013, the same year the park won Holiday Park of the Year. The wider business of Blue Sky Leisure were also awarded highly commended in the Sustainable Tourism Category for the EDP Business Awards in 2013.

How our guests can be involved

We have a Visitors Charter which gives some simple ways to reduce the impact of holidaying at Kelling Heath. All of which can be done with minimal effort and enhance your experience now and for the future.

What our guests are saying:

I enjoy the countryside, it's lovely to wake up with the birds singing and seeing the squirrels running around.

Mr A. J. Birchmore, Nottingham