Autumn arrives at Kelling Heath

The transition between summer and winter is here. As we officially welcome the autumn season, much can be expected to change across the park here at Kelling Heath.

Trees and the eclectic mix of plant life are showing off their autumnal glory, providing a beautiful sight and experience for our visitors with vibrant displays of yellow, reds and browns. There really is no better sign of autumn. It’s also a great opportunity to see Kelling Heath in a completely different light outside of the green and lush summer period.

Whilst the days shorten and temperatures cool, the crisp sea air and glistening sun are a perfect combination for adventure and exploration. We welcome many campers and lodge guests throughout the autumn period, often finding it the perfect time to getaway; embracing the cooler temperatures and relishing the change in seasons.

Our clear autumn skies are perfect for gazing at the stars. We are blessed with untouched, wide open landscapes – free of air pollution and beautiful at night. Hundreds of astronomers and space enthusiasts will be making their way to stay with us on the North Norfolk coast this autumn for the UK’s largest Star Party. The event takes place from September 30 to October 3, feel free to join us, seeing is believing!

Within our beautiful landscape also lives wonderful wildlife. On your visit try to spot various species eating plenty and stocking up for the long winter season ahead. Squirrels can be found feasting on across the park, whilst other species are also getting ready for hibernation. In the air, many birds will make their migration to Africa too – a hive of activity to be enjoyed and witnessed by all.

Autumn really is a magical time of year to experience the great outdoors.