Managing your purchase

A Holiday Home is a major purchase and requires specific processes and compliance/maintenance to ensure it is as stress-free as possible.

Our team have extensive knowledge of Holiday Home sales and are able to answer any questions you may have. They can also provide you with all relevant information about the Holiday Home you are purchasing, as well as the Park. This includes; all fees and charges, licence terms and Park rules.

Prior to proceeding, we do ask prospective purchasers for proof of identity and address.

If you would like further information, our FAQ section has some useful guidance.

When it comes to funding your purchase, if finance is required, we don’t get involved in introducing prospective purchasers to loan providers. If you do require funding, it may be helpful for you to speak to your bank or financial advisor about the options available and best suited to you.

If you are interested in subletting, you are able to do so. Subletting at Kelling Heath is a private arrangement between our Owners and their guests. There are some safety requirements and rules that must be followed, and our Owners Services Team can provide you with information about the steps you need to take before letting your Holiday Home.

The Sales Team will be pleased to outline the sale process with you. If you have any questions and need to speak to a representative of Kelling Heath, please call 01263 589900.