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Family Orienteering

Family Orienteering

Family Friendly Pre Booking Required

A circular walk to and around one of the ponds to collect materials followed by a crafting session under shelter. The exact route will depend on; conditions on the day and capabilities of participants.



About the Activity Provider

Affectionately known as ‘Noodles’, Nicholas Hothersall is Kelling Heath’s very own Activity Instructor.

Nic holds a variety of different outdoor qualifications and provides many of our popular events situated on site.


About family orienteering 

Calling all budding explorers! Our Orienteering activity promotes a variety of skills that can be applied in everyday life, as well as creating a decent starting point for those wanting to pursue orienteering sports.

Each group will be given a small briefing at the beginning of the session, followed by a practice exercise. Once the instructor feels that everyone is ready, each group will be given a map leading to their first target.

Groups must then use their respective maps to navigate around our selected areas, trying to uncover a hidden secret at each location. This activity will require all members to focus and contribute to discover their target. As the session progresses, participants will develop effective communication between their groups, reminding them of the fundamentals of teamwork.


What will you learn on your activity?

Throughout the activity guests will learn the fundamental skills involved with Orienteering.

  • Orientating the map to north
  • Reading features on the map
  • Taking a compass bearing
  • Following a compass bearing
  • Pacing
  • Judging Distance
  • Communication


This activity is suitable for people of all ages especially for families. Whether you’re looking for a new skill to learn or something fun to do before or after a meal this activity ensures each member has a part to play. Try to wear outdoor shoes and bring a coat to ensure you enjoy the most of this activity as it follows the onsite Trimtrail full of fun activities to do alongside.

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When available, you can book activities from 7 days before your arrival.


Meeting Point

Village Square

Suitable for

Suitable for all the family


Sunday, Wednesday


1 hour 30