Four (or five?) new squirrel kittens at Kelling Heath

Staff at the award winning holiday Park in north Norfolk originally counted four furry kittens but wildlife photographer Gavin Durrant, who captured these cute pictures of the new arrivals, believes there are five.

Countryside Manager at the holiday Park, David Martin, said it is very unusual for squirrels to have such a large litter, with the female normally raising only one or two kittens at a time. He said:

“This is the third litter Red and Ginger have produced since we introduced them to the Park in October 2012. The three kittens born earlier this year included a female which is fantastic news for the breeding programme”. Kelling Heath Holiday Park has been part of the national red squirrel conservation scheme since 1999 and has now successfully bred 28 - or is it 29? – kittens.