Furlough – keeping yourself motivated

With a lot of the UK’s workforce still on Furlough, we are aware that for some individuals being off work is a real challenge.

We have had some staff fully furloughed with others on flexi furlough and have been in regular touch with them to keep them informed of how we are expecting return to work to progress and to check in on their wellbeing.

One of our team members who has been flexi-furloughed has shared how he structured his time during the ongoing lockdown and to also give some ideas for people to try to help make their days go a little quicker.

1. Walks – Goes without saying really, we are all used to nipping round the block by now. Why not try something different by aiming for a distance, or going to a landmark in your town or village and taking a picture?

2. Exercise – This is a huge thing for a lot of people. Joining in on PE with Joe Wicks or doing your own home workout not only passes the time but keeps your body and mind active too which is so important for mental health as well as physical health.

3. Podcasts – There is so much available on all manner of subjects that there is sure to be a podcast that is relative to a subject of interest to you. Some last for 2 hours whilst others may be for only 20 minutes. Combine listening to one while walking and its surprising how soothing it can be.

4. Life admin! - Its an ideal time to check your emails for all those spam ones you no longer want to receive, or even cancel that subscription to a magazine you no longer read. If you save a bit of money along the way, happy days!

5. DIY – Be careful though! There is always a job that can be done, touching up some paintwork or sweeping the back garden or even a bigger job like landscaping your lawn!

The biggest tip that our team member said helped him most was to make a list of all the things he wanted to get done the following day, just so he knew what his plans were going to be and to give him a sense of purpose! He told us that even if he was writing down that he was putting out the rubbish or nipping to the post office, crossing things off a list gives him a little sense of accomplishment. We hope these tips help you.

Remember, if you are really struggling with your mental health make sure you reach out to a loved one or the various charities that can offer support.