Let The Stars Be The Guiding Light

Let the stars be the guiding light to Kelling Heath Holiday Park in North Norfolk

Kelling Heath Holiday Park is one of the best locations in the country for astronomy where the sky is a cherished part of the camping experience and is being protected for all to enjoy. All the ‘wise men’ from the Norwich Astronomical Society (NAS) will be following the stars and gathering at Kelling Heath for the spectacular Spring Equinox Star Party on the 13th – 15th April, expecting around 200 people to attend from all over the UK.

NAS Astro-imager, Martin Sterland says: “Kelling Heath Holiday Park is the darkest site in East Anglia and a premier sky spot in the UK for star gazing. On a clear night guests will be treated to some stunning views. The gathering always has a friendly atmosphere and it is a fantastic opportunity for meeting up with like minded people to discuss tips and information, and make new friends with the same interests.”

Staying guests are in for a sparkling amount of entertainment commencing Saturday 26th May, where Kelling Heath Holiday Park will add this unique feature to their activity programme, holding star walks with the Norwich Astronomical Society twice monthly to enrich their guests, both adults and children alike with this truly marvellous sight.

For many people across the country, artificial light shines up into the sky and bounces off tiny particles in the atmosphere which are caused by industrial activity, causing light pollution. This in effect brightens the night sky rendering many fainter objects invisible and causing a vast proportion of the population unable to see the wonders of the Milky Way arching overhead.

However, as Norfolk is a rural county, industrial activity is sparse resulting in clear night skies at Kelling Heath, which offer visitors an unrivalled view of the night sky for this part of the UK. Not only is the Milky Way a fantastic sight but also views of dark rifts from interstellar clouds, elusive galaxies and clear views of planetary neighbours are all available for the taking.

Chairman of the Norwich Astronomical Society, Mark Thompson explains: “The night skies at Kelling Heath are stunning and we aim to educate all on the many stars you are able to see.”

Kelling Heath is set among 250 acres of rare woodland and heathland, and while just over a mile from the picturesque North Norfolk coast the park enjoys stunning views of the Weybourne coastline.

It prides itself on combining the needs of the modern holidaymaker with a very special focus on the natural environment and plays its part in keeping light pollution to a minimum by the sensitive use of night time lighting, making full use of its prime location well away from any intrusive lighting.

After the Spring Equinox Star Party the next gathering will take place from 14th – 16th September 2007. The autumn event will be larger and also include trade stands. The Star Party is free and open to the general public. The spring party is designed for the experienced star gazers who have their own equipment, although beginners are welcome!