Make A Date To See The Perseid Meteor Shower

The night sky is a fascinating place - we often forget to look up rather than seeing just what’s in front of us. If a clear night on 11th /12th August, there’s a chance to see the very favourable Perseid meteor shower.

And where better to see it than on Park. We are an official Dark Sky Discovery Site, one of only four in Norfolk, which means there’s a better opportunity for viewing due to lower light pollution. Find out more or ask at Reception for a useful handout which includes a handy star-chart to use on the night.

The peak should be about 10.30pm, with the possibility of seeing one as often as every 60 seconds! (But they are very variable so may be sporadic in timings).

Perseids can also be seen a couple of days either side of the peak - check the forecast for the clearest evening, but nothing will be like the numbers you should see that night. No telescopes required!

What is the Perseid Meteor Shower?
It is made of tiny debris from the comet Swift-Tuttle in the constellation of Perseus. It is a real highlight due to its frequency of meteors and their brightness.

Tips to help spot the shower
Turn out the lights - reduce the amount of light pollution in the area.
Give it time - your eyes will need about 20 minutes to adjust to the dark and then it’s a matter of watch and wait!
Space - find an area you can easily see above the horizon line with a clear line of sight.

Our Dark Sky area on Park is ideal. Tag us in your photos – we’d love to see how you saw the night sky at Kelling.

Happy Stargazing!