New Investment in Updating Educational Signs

Visitors to Kelling Heath Holiday Park can learn more about its environment and conservation work thanks to a £30,000 investment in new interpretation signs.

The 16 new information signs have been placed at key points of interest around the Park, replacing previous signage with new illustrations and more informative text, allowing guests to learn about the Park’s habitats; including its Lowland Heath, Conservation Pond, Wildlife Hide and Dark Sky Discovery Site.

Key in ensuring the information was correct, members of the Park’s dedicated Countryside Team and in-house Marketing engaged with specialists from a number of organisations helping provide a brief to Fitzpatrick Woolmer, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of interpretation signs, to design a consistent branded style to fit within the Park’s natural ethos.

Lucy Cook, Marketing Manager at Kelling Heath, says the decision to invest in updating the interpretation signs was driven by a commitment to continue educating guests about the spectacular flora and fauna at Kelling. “We are blessed with 300 acres of woodland and rare open heathland which is rich in wildlife and biodiversity, and we consider the provision of these high-quality interpretation boards an important addition, complementing our programme of nature-based family orientated activities.”

“Our guests and holiday homeowners are very interested in learning more about this wonderful location and the new interpretation boards will help explain more about Kelling Heath, the history of the location and who we share this habitat with,” said Ms Cook.

The Park also works to teach staying guests about Kelling Heath’s unique environment through predominately free, bookable family activities such as orienteering, den building and pond dipping.