New solar array adds to green credentials

Kelling Heath Holiday Park has announced the completion of an array of Photo Voltaic Solar Panels.

The panels are situated on the roof of the barn at the back of its maintenance yard. The system is perfectly oriented in a Southwards direction, allowing it to be exposed to as much sunlight as possible throughout the day. The sixty individual panels together create a 15kW system with a potential to produce 12412 kWh annually.

The panels will save approximately 6714kg of Carbon Dioxide annually, that's the same as driving your car for 16,000 miles - or the equivalent of the amount of Carbon sequestered by growing 174 tree seedlings over ten years. There is no getting away from the fact running a holiday park is an energy intensive practice.

This is why Kelling Heath puts as many practices into action as possible to mitigate its carbon footprint and to do what we can, from the small to the large, to be able to maintain a sustainable environment for future generations.