Ponds update April 2017

After a fantastic breeding season here for both frogs and toads, we now look forward to the season ahead.

Our Conservation pond was a sight to behold at the end of March, a cauldron of frogs followed by toads, culminating in vast quantities of spawn among the marginal vegetation. The pond is warming up with the new lily leaves becoming apparent, as well as the first signs of submerged Milfoil and Hornwort.

The first Sticklebacks have made their way into the pond dipping nets as well as cased caddis, pond snails and diving beetles. The Easter holidays saw the first use of our revamped fishing pond and platforms.

Keen young anglers found plenty of sport with resident Roach, Rudd and Perch population. The marginal growth is beginning to gain momentum and the Norfolk reed is just beginning to shoot and promises to provide our wildlife with a beautiful safe haven for the rest of spring and throughout the summer.

Our ‘Fishing for Families’ begins at the end of May, water temperatures by this time should be ideal for both this and our pond dipping exploits. What we do need is some rain! The Conservation pond in particular looks fantastic when water levels are good so fingers crossed