Spring for the Ponds at Kelling Heath Holiday Park

At the Fishing Pond, the frogs have spawned, and the plants are growing.

Last summer we stocked our fishing pond with 200 crucian carp so it will be interesting to see how they have survived the winter and their growth rates in this spring fed, food rich environment.

The Conservation Pond is full to the brim after a wet winter. The margins of the Pond are full of frog spawn and the Rudd population can be seen sipping at the midge larvae on sunnier days. This Pond is a stunning place for a picnic with the tree coverage for shade on sunnier days and picnic tables.

Our Wildlife Hide is now 4 years old and settling well. The surrounding area is very established, and you could be forgiven for thinking that this is not a relatively new addition to the Park. Take the opportunity to follow the Tree Trail which goes past the Hide (you can pick up a Trails Booklet from Reception).

Last Autumn we undertook some work to the South of the Fishing Pond, to extend the area now known as the Amphibian Pond. This area certainly lived up to its name last Summer with Juvenile Smooth Newt caught by enthusiastic pond dippers throughout the Summer season. With a bit of excavation work in September 2020, the Pond is now 3 times the size and will be utilised for events throughout the year. It will take time to become established and we really appreciate the respect our guests give to our fantastic environment.

We maintain our Ponds, Heathland and Woodland for both the wildlife and our visitor’s enjoyment. Please take advantage of our events portfolio which includes Pond Dipping, Fishing, Wildlife Walks, and much more.

We look forward to welcoming you back to the Park soon.

Peter Simmons - Kelling Heath Aquatic Specialist