Spring Time Activities

Now that winter is coming to an end, and the sun is starting to make an appearance more and more, it makes sense for you to want to get out and start enjoying the better weather.

The Norfolk coast can help you with this, through offering a range of places and activities to get out and about with at this time of year.

Kelling Heath is the perfect way to soak up the sun that we’ve been lacking over winter. Located on the North Norfolk coast and surrounded by natural beauty in a mixture of woodland and heathland, it provides both you and your family with an easy way to relax while still having fun. Whether this be by exploring nature on walks or bike rides, or making use of the range of leisure facilities provided; including an indoor and outdoor pool, as well as tennis courts. You could even choose to spend a few days just relaxing, either from the comfort of an authentic woodland lodge, a luxury holiday home, or your own tent or caravan. Kelling Heath gives you the opportunity to really take advantage of the wonders of nature during the spring.

If you’re looking to explore the seaside from your base, great news; it’s great to get outside and enjoy the spring weather. With gorgeous clifftops; stunning beaches and pretty harbour villages and seaside towns all located nearby you can’t get much better. Spend your time relaxing, or you could get exploring the local areas and seaside, through a number of walking and cycling routes.

If you’re looking for an alternative way to drink in the springtime, a local spa is a great choice too. While nature is blooming, why not rejuvenate yourself as well? There are several day spa rereat nearby which can help you do just that, with a range of facilities to help you de-stress and relax. One great facility here that can help with this is the amazing thermal suite, which provides an advanced heating and cooling experience in order to help you relax and unwind. The mud chamber is another great way to chill out, and the relaxation room does exactly what it says in the title!

Another way to make the most of spring is through ZAKS diner, where you and friends or family can get out and enjoy a great meal together, whether it be in the afternoon or evening. At ZAKS, you’re provided with an authentic American diner experience, surrounded by decorations such as American sports memorabilia and signs from the USA, while enjoying a large selection of classic American foods and drinks such as burgers and milkshakes. This dining experience will make you feel like you really are stateside, and give you a great trip out.