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The bat was found by a member of the Reception Team and rescued by the Estates Team who then took care of the bat until it could be collected and then looked after by a specially trained bat carer from the Norfolk and Norwich Bat Group before release.

The young bat likely suffered the injuries from a cat attack, but it has recovered well, feeding on live mealworms during its recovery. Despite the injuries, the bat was soon flying again with no obvious problems.

Jane, a representative from Norfolk and Norwich Bat Group who has played a pivotal role in rehabilitating the young bat says: “The little bat is doing really well. Even with a damaged tail he was whizzing around the rehabilitation cage in no time, ready for release. In collaboration with Kelling Heath Holiday Park, we erected a bat box constructed by one of our members which was placed in a suitable location on Park. The bat was released to the box in daytime where it would be safe and could then fly at night and return to its colony.”

Pipistrelles are some of the smallest bats in the UK and weigh about 4-5g, with a wingspan of 8-10 inches. They are fast fliers, catching small insects such as midges, mosquitoes, and small moths, and can generally be spotted after sunset, out feeding before it gets too dark. Kelling Heath is blessed with a high-quality habitat rich in flora and fauna that supports a healthy bat population. The heathland is protected and maintained by the Park’s Countryside Team who conserve the 300 acres of Park habitats for the benefit of bats and other native wildlife. Kelling Heath Holiday Park has recorded sightings of 9 of the UK’s 18 bat species, with the pipistrelle being among the most common species that can be sighted, making it a popular destination for bat watchers and chiropterologists alike. Bat conservation is hugely important to Kelling Heath Holiday Park.

Guests visiting the Park during select school holidays can book onto a range of free activities to learn all about the abundance of wildlife on Park. Expert wildlife ranger Carl Brooker hosts a Dusk Walk, offering guests the opportunity to learn more about the local bat population and how they are doing us a valuable service. Kelling Heath is proud to be home to conservation projects that support the longevity of native bat populations in Norfolk.