Five Star Bug Hotel

Creepy crawlies enjoy the most lavish five-star accommodation at Kelling Heath Holiday Park in their own bug hotel.

The feature is built from recycled pallets and fallen branches and promotes the importance of biodiversity to guests staying at the park, which is in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The Bug Hotel attracts a diverse range of bugs, including arachnids, crustaceans (woodlice), myriapods (centipedes), and the largest beetle in Great Britain - the Stag beetle.

Kelling Heath is dedicated to preserving and protecting the natural environment, and it is often easy to overlook the smaller creatures that are lower down in the food chain. However, without them, we would be at risk of losing many of the things we love about our local flora and fauna, and many of the large animals we love would no longer exist.

Kelling does all it can to work sustainably with our surroundings, and the introduction of the Bug Hotel may inspire guests on how they could create their own.

Look for the Bug Hotel to the right side of the path, leading from the Village Square to the bottom pond.

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